slutformymaster asked:

Hey, what would you recommend to someone who wants to shave their pussy, but never has?

go get waxed XD hahah it’ll change your life. seriously.. UNF. you’re gonna LOVE being hair-free… everything feels soo.. mmmf…     if you dont wanna wax, then trim it down a LOT with a shaving kit scissors and then get a fresh guarded razor (cause FUCK getting knicks down there).. i personally like using a moisturizing hair conditioner as opposed to shaving cream. keeps the skin softer. 
i shave in different directions, since hair doesn’t all grown in the same direction. Take your time.. 

BIG thing here.. DONT PUSH TOO HARD. its easy to do since the area is a soft fleshy place and you wanna get a close shave.. but if you PUSH, you’ll get more bumps and razor burn. just use both hands, make sure the skin is taut, and be gentle on it. 

thats just the way I do it… followers? Input?

Good luck!